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Play unblocked other games online without any problems, These games are not blocked at school, just play other games and enjoy

Last Oasis This oasis flourishes with food, water and riches, and you are welcome to stay and explore!
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Murder Scene Lockdown A rather famous musician was murdered last night. Sweep the crime scene, the time is running out!
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Makeover Studio - Cave Girl This cave girl took the time machine to the present day but she is still wearing her old clothes! Ca...
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Mount Elbert Use the mouse to put together three great photos of Mount Elbert, the highest of the Rockies.
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Banana Chocolate Cake How talented are you when it comes to cakes? Can you make a cake by your own? At first sight this re...
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The Magic Market Welcome to the market where wizards buy magic potions and enchanted weapons.
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To Catch a Burglar A famous and eccentric archaeologist, just reported a burglary in his home. Can you investigate?
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Puzzles in Dubai Use the mouse to collect five pictures of Dubai.
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BFF Studio - Caribbean Cruise These three best friends are going on holiday on a caribbean cruise. But before they go they need yo...
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Big Block Try to remove block by clicking on it. You can remove a block if its adjacent blocks are similar. Bo...
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Green Beans Recipe Do you like green beans? Jazz up your standard side with this tasty recipe! In this online cooking g...
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Puzzles in the UK Use the mouse to collect the five photographs of Great Britain.
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Puzzles in Italy Use the mouse to collect the five photographs of Italy.
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Puzzles in Spain Use the mouse to collect the five photographs of Spain.
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Mother and Daughter Plum Tart Cooking Sweet little Susie and her mommy have a great plan: they'll be baking a yummy, finger-locking good p...
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Fruity Crunch You do this by clicking the fruits below to spread the chain to that fruit. You start from the botto...
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Lost in Time I managed to travel even more back in time, but the portal scattered my entire time traveling artifa...
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Farmer's Helper Dear nephew, I am looking forward to seeing you, but also I was hoping you would help me around the...
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Raspberry Cake Which one of you has ever made a raspberry cake? Even if you have never done it before, it is not to...
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Puzzles in Tunisia Use the mouse to collect the five photographs of Tunisia.
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