Xeno Tactic

Xeno Tactic

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Use mouse, navigate to towers, click to select and buy. Click the area where you want to build it!

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Description: Kind of Sci-fi Robotish, lol-ish Tower defense game Xeno Tactic, picked it up at Ebaumsworld, those guys never fail in game selection. I played 1st level and failed… bad finance management I guess… So, build up some towers and spank down the robots, each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses so make sure you read about it before spending money to buy it. Besides dealing damage, towers can be used to block the path where enemies are moving, although, you cannot completely block the path like in Warzone Tower Defense, but you can narrow it down and concentrate fire to that spot. It gets a bit harder when enemies come from 2 doors; then you have to defend 2 exits and blocking their path becomes really hard; I’d advise you to make a defense post in the middle of the screen make a narrow path for enemies to that spot from both sides; this seems to be the only way to manage. While graphics and art work may not be a state of art, gameplay of Xeno Tactic is more than satisfactory, have fun!

Date Added: 2012-11-03

Category: Defense

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