D-Day Defender

D-Day Defender

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&middot; <b>Aim and Shoot</b> = Use Mouse &middot; <b>Reload</b> = "A" Key &middot; <b>Engineer Powerups</b> = "S" Key &middot; <b>Launch Mortar Strike</b> = "D" Key (when ready) &middot; <b>Pause Game</b> = "P" Key &middot; <b>Mute</b> = "M" Key

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D-Day: June 6, 1944, 6:30 am. 160,000 allied infantry troops are approaching the coasts of Normandy to conduct the largest amphibious landing in history. There you are, a lone soldier in a turret. How long can you hold them off? FEATURES: - 16 achievements (API integrateable upon request) - 8 different enemies - 3 different temporary power-ups - One special 'mortar' attack - Chainable explosives (combos) - Highscores - Intro and ending cinematics

Date Added: 2012-11-12

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