Fun Online Games that Can Make You a Millionaire

By   2016-08-24

Online games are all around us. They keep popping up on our social feeds, they fill most mobile app stores, and even on the stores' shelves (I keep stumbling upon a brand of sweets called Candy Crush ;) ). These games are fun and all, but they don't offer you much above their entertainment value. But there is a type of game that, aside from being a lot of fun, offers you the chance to become a millionaire. I am, of course, talking about slot machines.

Free fun online

The slots are played by millions of people all over the world. Slot casinos keep popping up among the most popular social games - I get invitations to MyVegas or SlotoMania every day. I'm not saying they are not a lot of fun, but I prefer to play another breed of slots, one that is closer to the reality of Las Vegas. Those in which you can really insert a (digital) coin, and that can pay me out in real money.

Why go with the real thing

I have chosen the Red Flush Casino as my preferred gaming destination for multiple reasons, try new online slot machines here. First, because no social casino can match the variety of slot machines to be played at the Red Flush Canada. Its mobile version has over 80 of them, and all of them are unlocked - I don't need to gather XP to play them. Besides, its desktop version comes with over 300 of them - which means even more games to play with day after day. Second, because the Red Flush Casino gives me the chance to become a millionaire - literally. Its Mega Moolah progressive slot has an attached jackpot worth at least $1 million. And with each spin, each player contributes to this amount. When I'm writing this, the Mega Moolah Mega jackpot stands at $8.6 million. But the largest amount it has ever paid out exceeds $20 million - and that's something to play for, right?

Don't play with profits in mind!

Real money gambling online is a good thing, as long as you consider it what it is: a form of entertainment. The slots are games, after all, that you play for fun, not for profit. Slot machines are completely random, which makes them the fairest game of them all. And when it comes to jackpots, the odds of hitting them are close to those of winning the lottery. Still, the slots at the Red Flush Casino give you a better chance than the lottery, given that you can play them non-stop if you want to. And it's a lot more fun than simply completing a ticket and waiting for Sunday to come.