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By   2012-10-22

Here are some statistics of Un-BlockedGames.com

Games: 2537
Game Plays: 376051
Members: 241

Weekly we try to add 7 of the best unblocked games to our site for our users to try.  Your ratings and comments dictate whether a games stays or goes, so rate and comment!  You can play unblocked games at school, work or anywhere else most popular sites are blocked. 

Point System

Here you can earn Points and enter in Top 5 Players

Playing a game - 2 (Points)

Posting a comment - (Points)

Sending a report - 15 (Points)

Submitting a high score - 10 (Points)

Rating a game - 7 (Points)

Referring a user - 50 (Points)

Submitting a game - 100 (Points) (currently suspended)

Challenging a friend - 10 (Points)

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